Bitcoin Specie

Bitcoin-Specie-2014-CGS-35008-97-Front-HardBTC-500x500 Bitcoin-Specie-2014-CGS-35008-97-Back-HardBTC-500x500

We have included the New Liberty Mint Specie coin as it’s core message was to spread the word about bitcoin. While it does not hold any bitcoin itself it does have a QR code on it that takes you to the silver spot price checking website.

The Bitcoin Specie is made of 1 Troy Ounce (31.10 g) of 999 Fine Silver only, PLEASE NOTE No embedded Bitcoins are held on this coin. The 10 mBTC text on the coin represents the value of 1 Troy ounce of Silver at time of coin minting.

A note from the creator Joseph Vaughn Perling

Bitcoin Specie Project goals:

1. Create a durable and attractive specie for Bitcoin.
2. Back Bitcoin in hard physical assets. Bitcoin to be the only global currency with a distributed decentralized asset bank. When you hold specie in your pocket you are part of Bitcoin’s decentralized bullion bank.
3. Make a pocket-friendly piece, for easy daily carry as pocket change.
4. Pieces to be useful for trade at point of sale without worry, or waiting for confirmations.
5. Low-priced intrinsically-valuable high-volume high-quality numismaticly attractive exonumia.
6. Avoid pulling any Bitcoins out of circulation in the blockchain.
7. Provide swift and assertive accurate current value (through the QR link) to accommodate both precious metal and Bitcoin price volatility
8. Support both completely anonymous and non-anonymous transactions through total fungibility (all are identical).
9. Support a definitive unit of account, defined by the market.
10. Provide a bridge to non-Bitcoin users so that the Bitcoin economy may expand. This gives them something to hold in their hand.
11. Global attractiveness, for peaceful prosperity common trade units have done through out the ages.
12. Offered with volume discounts to engender an organic distribution network that is compensated to serve local communities.
13. Provide better value for money than was offered by the specie of nations of old.
14. Support the capability of conversion to any currency, crypto or fiat, globally.