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The BitPiece is a new physical bitcoin that stores a quarter of one bitcoin in a safe and aesthetically appealing manner. The coin and hologram design was a joint effort between bigtimespaghetti and miffman. The crisp and clean design is another addition to the beautiful range of bitcoins now appearing for sale.

Strictly limited in number we have sourced one of these gorgeous brass coins just for you. See the Chronos Crypto review here

The Bitpiece Collection


Bitpiece ReverseCoin Specs
Material: Brass
Diameter: 29mm
Thickness: 2mm
Face value: 0.25BTC

Bitpiece Reverse 3Mintage:
Brass w/o plating: 100 (numbered 001-100)
Brass w/ silver plating: 10 (numbered 01-10) SOLD OUT
Brass w/ gold plating: 5 (numbered 1-5) SOLD OUT

Keys and key generation

The coin features a custom security anti-counterfeit hologram that secures the private key. Private keys were generated with the serpcoin software ( which was modified in various ways in order to fit the coin and coin requirements. The exact code I used will be uploaded as an attachment. The private key generation was done on a fresh ubuntu install. It was done as follows:

Bitpiece Obverse cluster-The serpcoin software prerequisits were installed and the software was downloaded
-Some of the scripts were modified as follows (not exactly in this order):
–removed the label section of the front part of the key entirely
–inverted the colours of the text and background of the first address characters
–added several iterations of the first address characters, one below the next (the character string may be replaced with the string “EMPTY!!!”)
–removed the coin name and numbering from the label
–removed the private key in mini private key format along with the coin name and label entirely
–the config was changed to fit the size of the coin ****
-labels were then generated offline
-labels were printed on a dumb offline printer script was run
-Private keys are cut and are safely stored waiting for assembly.
-The fresh install of ubuntu was then destroyed.

No private keys or private key information was stored.

The modified software leaves a label with several iterations of the first characters of the address on the front and a QR code of the private key in Base58 Wallet Import format on the back. (i.e. Private keys start with the number 5) Note that the files, scCopyAddress.php, and was not modified in any way.